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When the finance folks said 6% was the best rate they could possibly give us on a car loan, my husband took out his cell phone and called AAA for a competing offer from the lobby of the dealership.What happens if buying a car is the realisation of a dream for someone rather than simply another game in the process of life.He made it clear that he wanted to buy a car, and that this car was a perfectly acceptable one to buy, but only for the right price.

So instead of wasting my time in the finance office, he asked for the information for my credit union.Yes I acknowledge their skill but I can in no way honor their proficiency.Throughout the whole time, I suggest NOT letting yourself get emotionally attached to a vehicle, or at least not letting the dealer know how badly you want the vehicle -- seeming indifferent helps a lot because emotion buyers are seen as easy sales.

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For a list of the most reliable used cars covering ten model.After picking out which vehicle I wanted, I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out how much the dealer paid when the previous owner traded the vehicle I wanted in.

However, with all my cars the guy you always see after the salesman tried to sell me all the extras including an extended warranty.As for real estate agents, you are more likely to get a fair shake when properly represented by an agent you trust.We came out ahead, and skipped a bunch of unproductive fighting with the salesguy.If there was that kind of mark up, then the car was a lump and you deserved it because the author is the kind of egghead that thinks that he knows the value of a used car by reading about it online or what the KBB is.If you had researched carefully, you never would have agreed to it.

We were able to do this by not being afraid to be rude or walk away.

Search over 11 new and used vehicle at Great Auto Deals in Hatboro, PA.My husband is from Argentina, where they haggle over the price of a cup of coffee every morning.

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Thank you for visiting Dan Pfeiffer Plainfield Used Cars, your Grand Rapids Used Car Dealer.Select rating Not useful Somewhat useful Useful Very useful Extremely useful.We now have 1,003 ads under cars for great deals on used cars, from, and 24 other sites.After coming up with a price that I felt was close to the trade-in value, I did considerable research to figure out what the fair market value was.In addition to posting on,. careful shoppers can be expected to garner the best deals in used cars no matter what size or type they favor.

Bingo - extended warranties, all of them for any product, are a complete waste of money.We bought our car for less than 75% of the asking price, and got an extended warranty at half price.Most of the dealers in our area have some of their used stock advertised online, so we were able to choose a few specific cars to look at.This means that there is a lot of high quality inventory from which buyers of used luxury vehicles can choose.We negotiated a deal on an older Sienna before going to see the Mazda.

I found the type of car I wanted, which was a gently used low mileage import that was was reliable and got decent gas mileage (basically a Honda or Toyota).Search Used Cars in Spokane Valley at New Deal Used Cars to find the best cars Spokane Valley, Spokane, WA, Post Falls, ID deals from New Deal Used Cars.As the new-car industry slides deeper into misery, the used-car market is holding rock-steady.

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So we would have spent that money one way or the other, and spent less than we expected to.As the salesman and I were appeared to be at an impasse over a small difference on a price on a new Toyota Avalon, I calmly stood up, thanked him for his time and turned to leave.

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I always act like I dont want it and they always slash it by 50 to 60%.Search cars in our Vernon, CT inventory that are priced over $20,000.Disclaimer: The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links.

As a matter of fact, it sounds like they got even more money off of you when you complained.

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They want you to think you saved a ton of money but in the end they always find a way to make some of it back.To get the best value for your dollar, buying a used car is often a great option.

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He asked if I was interested in a warranty, and I declined. 35 minutes later, my butt was in my new-to-me car, driving away.

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