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Once you reach the Warehouse, kill the deserters Warlocks and Templars.

If you go to the expensive rare weapon NPC in HQ, you will be asked to obtain information about a mineral vein from a Corite deserter in the Warehouse located in Armory-117.Dark Avenger Event Coupon 10 Tukarkan dengan beragam item di Priestess of Darkness Rosetta.So your mission is to find the bomb and you have 10 minutes to do so.Garrung will then ask you to collect Volcano Pollution Measuring Unit II from Cauldron monsters.Elsword is a free-to-play, online action RPG that uses classic side-scrolling game mechanics in an immersive anime inspired world.Patch Version 236, also known as the Grind No More With Chronicle Game Patch, is a content.

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To enter Cauldron, you will need to have a Black Sparkling Stone with you, so make sure to have one before going to meet Garrung.Even though these are new quests, they also appear in the quest information section of your journal menu (keyboard J), so everyone can easily adapt to it.

After gathering the skins, go to Amin Sharara, the UNIT NPC and he will ask you to look for the Accretian captive located in the Outpost.

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Once you have the language decoder, visit the captive in the Outpost before returning to Monk and you will receive the new buffer potion (99 pcs) as a reward.

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Meaty will ask you to kill the Rex Cannibal pit boss which lives in Rock Cavern, Haram Stockade.If you go to Monk, the Armor NPC in HQ, he will ask you to bring Rigor Lapis skins to the UNIT NPC.

And as every valiant effort deserves an equal reward, one Potion of Experience is given as a reward for each completed quest.An analysis of remarks delivered by U.S. State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf suggests that the Ebola epidemic currently sweeping the world may not.If you go to the Inspector in the Outpost, you will learn that the captured Corite spy has installed a nuclear bomb in HQ.If you go to Jobty, a Kartellan merchant, he will ask you to defeat Black Sign troops.

If you go to the race manager in HQ, you will be asked to investigate why there was a discontinuation of operation of the passenger ship.

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The problem is, this particular Accretian is fleet of foot and will wander all over the map.


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